Planetary Energetic Alignment Meditations

Switchwords were created by James Mangan in the 1960s. James brought us these words so that we could have the perfect life. They are Powerful Charges to turn on the Subconscious Mind like a LightSwitch. Kim's audios and books are filled with these Magical Words of Creation because they Work! 3 Transformations Audios Channeled in. Radiating Divine Love features Switchwords for Abundance and Self Empowerment and is filled with Solfeggio Frequencies. Regeneration Meditations is filled with Switchwords to make you Youthful, filled with Vitality and is surrounded with Solfeggio Frequencies. Love Charm is filled with Switchwords to Make you Magnetic to the Love You Desire and is also Charmed with Solfeggio Frequencies for an added Boost. Learn more about Switchwords and Sample Audios at Switchword Videos Here.

​The Archangels Channeled in at this Pivotal time to help us Heal and Clear our emotions in order to experience a more blessed and Happy Life. We have an All*Star ensemble of Archangels here to help Create Miracles. Click On Your Angel for More Information.

We have Archangel Michael for Protection and to Cut Cords. Archangel Raphael is here for Health and Abundance. Haniel is the blessed Archangel of Love and Magic and Heals our Whole Ancestral line of fears surrounding Relationships. Archangel MetatronHelps with Well*Being through Sacred Geometry. Archangel Camuel Steps in when we need a big dose of Courage. Archangel Raziel is the blessed Angel of Wisdom and helps us plant seeds for an Amazing life. Archangel Jophiel shows Us how to Glow with Beauty by Letting Go of judging ourselves and others. Archangel Zadkiel is the Angel of the Violet Flame and Helps Us to Ignite Our Lives with the Healing Power of Forgiveness. Archangel Gabriel is the Gorgeous Angel of Hope. If We have Hope We will make it. The Sun AngelsCome in to make an Appearance on Power to Charge Our Lives. Then the Moon Angels Help Us to Create Magnetism through the gift of Neutrality. All the Archangels Come Together and Create In The Violet Flame Audiofor a New and Improved Life. Archangel Sandalphon appears on his audio to bring Harmony to our lives. Feel Free to check them all out on our Archangelology Phone App hereand Expect Miracles! Humans can not compare to the Heavenly Help these Masters Offer Us. As you Remember to connect you will see Magic in your life. Background Music by Christopher 

Energetic Healing Downloads that target key areas for Clearing Negative Emotions such as fear and anxiety.
​Then Grounding,Gridding and Strengthening Energy is infused and layered throughout the audios. These Audios are Filled with Solfeggio Frequencies from J.S. Epperson. Dragon Sun Grounding Meditations remind us of the vast benefits of Grounding and walk us through the process with ease. Then enjoy some Sacred Geometry and Color healing with some Dolphin energy added in the Enchanted Earth Meditations. Lastly is the Sweet Moon Sleep Meditation filled with Grids for energetic support and deep fulfilling sleep.

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Switchwords W/Solfeggio Frequencies

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