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Archangelology Series & The Violet Flame

  It is an Ancient Knowing that when we call Angels they will come to help us. Elizabeth Clare Prophet said that if we Invoke the Violet Flame Daily, for 6 months, we will not recognize our lives as they become so wonderful.

Go Beyond the 5 Senses and Rise Above the Fear Matrix with The Archangels Now. 

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The 11 Audios below were created by the Archangels to Enhance your life and help you plant seeds for More Health, Love, Abundance, Bliss & Oneness. Play with One or all of the Audios to allow the Angels to guide you and clean your life up in ways you only imagined. Then as you add the Violet Flame, it all comes Together for Untold Blessings. Be Patient, have faith and know that Divine Beings Have your Back. If you call them, they will come.

                  Cosmic Consciousness Trilogy

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 Solfeggio Frequencies for these audios are provided by J Epperson of Higher-Music.com

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