Create Cosmic Love In Your Heart

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Cosmic consciousness trilogy 

These Downloads Charge You With Love, Light and Higher Frequencies. They may be enjoyed as meditations, relaxing background music  or for more peaceful sleep.

Get creative, play with them and enjoy. Headphones enhance the experience and help the Solfeggio Frequencies Relax and Align. This is Sound Healing at its best.

          New dragon sun grounding meditation

        Grounding is taught by many masters. Grounding will give you more mental

and physical stability.

Crystals, Sound, Color Therapy, Energy tool and more.

Practice this meditation daily -- Entire CD available for Download here 

                       Enchanted Earth sacred geometry meditations 

 Sacred Geometry, Light, Sound and Color Therapy.  Beautiful Dolphins are also on this meditation to help raise us Vibrationally. 

Entire CD available for Download here

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Royalty Free Solfeggio Frequencies for these audios are provided by J Epperson of

                     there is nothing to cling to. there never was.

                                                                             Kim Caldwell just another Cosmic Creator

                     Sweet Sleep Moon Meditation

Deep Cellular Breathing and Heart Healing to Manifest and Enjoy Peaceful Sleep. When we look at Healthy Cells under a microscope they have lots of space, we will be focusing on space for our cells.  Reactivating Our Divine Blue Print. Angels, Divine Energy and Ascended Masters guide on a journey. CD Available For Download Here.