Radiating Divine Love meditations are created with Solffegio frequencies from J.S Epperson, Switchwords from James Mangan and guided visualiz​ations around three chakras. In this work the heart, throat and base chakras are activated,healed and cleared. The idea is that as we heal our base chakra we may feel secure financially which is key to our health. The great sleeping profit Edgar Cayce said "all of mans ails stemmed from fear of not having enough money." As we activate our base chakra with bright red sparkles and light we feel profound shifts. As we clear the throat chakra with soothing blue sparkles, we may speak our truth more often. Next, we clear the heart chakra with vibrating green sparks so that years of "debris" may be dissolved to radiate love.

Regeneration Meditations enlist the help of Solfeggio Frequencies, Switchwords, and Guided Visualizations to help us remember that our bodies are self-healing mechanisms. The message this CD implants deep in the conscious and subconscious mind is that we are beautiful and radiant in any moment we choose to be and that our minds are more powerful than we ever imagined for creating attractiveness and well being. The first track Soul Nutrition features Epperson's D.N.A Repair at 528 Hz. The next track Journey To Bliss features Epperson's Developing Intuition at 741 Hz. The whole meditation reminds us to listen to our own intuition in order to know what is best for our bodies. James Mangans Switchwords turn the subconscious on like a light , help us focus and get more of what we want. The audio trains us to use these powerful words during everyday life. Charge your foods with light and healing energies. Remember how to make Divine food Choices. This habit will create amazing shifts in our consciousness and manifestations. As we remember who we really are and speak to ourselves consciously with Divine Love the magic can happen. We cultivate beauty on the inside and it radiates from us more everyday.

Love Charm Meditations with Solfeggio Frequencies encourage Divine Relationships and will relax and align you. They charge our conscious and subconscious mind with the deep knowing that every relationship we are experiencing is merely a reflection of the relationship we are having with ourselves. Once we take responsibility for our relationships we are in our power. During the meditation we are given tools we may use in our daily lives to cultivate self confidence. If one does not have a significant relationship in their lives, this will help to become the love they are looking for and thus a magnet. This CD enlists Switchwords, Solfeggio Frequencies and Guided Visualizations. The first track Violet flame features Epperson's Release 396 Hz. During this meditation the magnificent St. Germaine guides and protects us while we clear our past unproductive programs. The second track Love Dance features Epperson's track Unity at 639 Hz. Here we enjoy some wonderful visualizations with special suprises that ground loving relationships in our lives. Epperson's Divine sounds will put you in a relaxed and receptive state to enhance the powerful message and visualizations.

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James Mangans Switchwords Blended WithJ.S. Eppersons' Solfeggio Frequencies To Experience Magick

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