The Activate Your Abundance Program is filled with some true Masters at the Art of Abundance. This may be Abundance of Health, Love or  Money. The teachings of such greats as Og Mandino, John Randolph Price, Catherine Ponder, Florence Shinn, Abraham Hicks, James Mangan and more are combined in an Alchemy of sorts. The teachings in this book have been used successfully. Feel free to click on the Money Magick Video Program to help your book and audios become even more effective. Be sure to do the Neville Goddard Exercise which works like a Charm. Your book features EFT*Emotional Freedom Technique and many other Energy healing ideas to leave you feeling refreshed day after day. Feel free to add your Archangelology Audios to your Program to boost your results even more.

​Let's get started on the 44-day Activate Your Abundance program right away. Our program consists of evening meditations, writing our goals and blessings and reading daily lessons. The main point is to start lifting our consciousness and self-worth now to allow a lifted mindset. If this is not Divine timing for your program, simply enjoy the book and participate in the program when you are ready.

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"Kim what you say in this meditation has actually awakened the true meaning of what frequencie to achieve for abundance. I didnt get it before and I see understand now. The truth is abundance is already here..I am abundance, its my birthright and so it is!. like the birds in the sky..they niether struggle for food and want..its supplied. It's all around. But most of all its who we all are! The penny has dropped since Iv listened over and over to this meditation and what you actually say . Thankyou for the Awaking. 💖"  Peggy

"Best prosperity audio; it sure works. Thanks a lot for sharing." Rupi

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​​Discover the Program that will Reawaken you Powerful Attraction.

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1. You are wanting to "tune into" Your Money Frequency.

2. You are wanting to make peace with where you are in order to move forward into your blessings.

3. You are ready to create more of what you want.

"This is just so awesome, beautiful and healing, All Of Our Power Is In The Now. Just too impacting for words. Thank You Kim."  Donald

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