This book has changed my whole life. I am a more positive person as a whole. I love how each day it gives you an activity to practice. In just a short while you will completely change how you look at your life. I feel my relationships with everyone in my life are more positive and most important, my relationship with God. I would highly reccomend Kim’s book to ANYONE!!! I cant wait until her next book comes out.” Amanda 

“I’ve really enjoyed this book especially because it’s a quick daily read for each day with uplifting encouraging words that help me to look on the positive side of life. I’m enjoying this one and it’s helping me with my daily outlook on life! Worth the purchase!” Rexan

“Activate Your Abundance by Kim Caldwell is the 5 star resource for those seeking an authentic how to manifest what I want or something even better book. Her book provides the perfect prescription for what to do to receive from Divine Source NOW” Belinda Womack, author of Angels Guide

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 Activate your Abundance Book & Audio Program

Many Masters have taught that everything you seek you already Are and Have. Simply Remember this and feel it now. I send you peace and blessings.-- Kim


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