​​Angelic Life Boost with Kim

​​​Spend productive time on the phone with Kim Clearing and Shifting issues that no longer serve you. Kim can help you see patterns that when sifted create wonderful results. Even the best "surgeon" can not operate on themselves. We all need outside non-judgmental help and ideas at time. Kim is a big fan of seeking great help for a gorgeous life. Why settle for things we do not want anymore. Schedule your phone session today.  Sessions Last 1 hour.  Bonus 1 Archangel Audio gift.

​Energy Exchange $88.00

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​​​​​​​​​Our Site is filled with many free gifts for you, please enjoy all we have to offer. For those of you that are ready to embark on a Personal Development Program. Kim offers Packages at a substantial savings. Let Kim be on your Wholeness Team for Excellent results. Enjoy Phone Sessions with Kim utilizing focused Intention and Clearing Methods for the Amazing Life You Deserve. Energy will be shifted and you can expect more of what you desire over the course of your Life Enhancement Package and for a long time to come. Positive Change takes time and commitment. With focus and Angelic Assistance it will happen. 

Golden Package Includes

 4 Phone Strategy Sessions with Kim - 1 hour each; Spread over a month. 

 1 Angelic Life Boost towards week 4 in order to seal in the Work and Bring More Angelic Help for Desired Results.

5  Archangelology Audio Downloads and The Digital Book Activate Your Abundance for your Enjoyment, Delivered right to Your Email. 

Energy Exchange $444.00

Contact Kim for A discovery session to see if You are a Match to work Together Today.

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Phone Strategy Session With Kim

Life Boost Package With Kim

Is There Anything More Important Than Investing In Ourselves? The Only Thing We Can Change is Us and When We Do We Can Be Assured Our World Will Reflect This Back to Us Beautifully. Few Can Help Like the Archangels. 

Kim Specializes in Angelic Abundance Magic. She also works with Solomon Seals and Kabbalah Wisdom on your behalf to get the energies flowing. Kim will connect to the correct Angels on your behalf. She will also do Angelic Magic for the highest good of all involved on your behalf. It is amazingly effective and you will be pleased with the results. You can expect shifts and moving more to what you desire. Magic takes time, so the trick is to "believe to receive" and just relax and know it will Be.

Schedule A Discovery Session with Kim to see if she is a Match to helping you. 
Email her at kimcaldwell444@gmail.com with your wishes. You simply relax and Kim and the Angels do the work. After a 3 day energetic clearing and Angelic workup, you will be given 3 Angelic Audios to keep the great results going.

​Energy Exchange $111.00

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