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“Kim’s book is a true blessing in anyone’s life. Every part of it is filled with nuggets of information. Just turning the pages get me lifted! I particularly love the switch words section and the processes of sending love to all, the allowance of forgiveness. I know that whenever I am a bit off I can turn to the pages for a huge lift. What is most beautiful about this book is that Kim talks of these tools that anyone of us can incorporate in our lives. We can really transform our lives with these essential ideas and none of these take a great deal of our time because they are so simple! Being with the book is like having my best friend who is across the oceans, right there beside me. I have the book kept right beside my bed along with Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks books. I know whenever I am in need for a feeling of body lift; I can get awesome green smoothie ideas. Every page is a power house of some of the most amazing tools that we can tap into, in the universe.” Thanks infinitely! Aishwarya (India)

Green Smoothie recipes

Green Smoothies are a quick easy way to get the best nutrition in our bodies and tastes great.

When making Green Smoothies, simpler is better. Green Smoothie Benefits are many.

Start with something green and leafy like Romaine, green leaf lettuce or spinach. All Healthy Food Choices.

I also like to work with frozen bananas as they make things a little creamy and like “ice cream”.

Peel the bananas and cut them up before you put them in Baggies and freeze them. This is great for cutting down on waste as bananas go brown quickly.

Here is one of my favorite recipes. I know you will have your own so just use this as a base if you like.

Remember you are your own “Green Smoothie Guru”.

1 cup of water

1 bunch of romaine lettuce

1 frozen banana

hand full of strawberries, blueberries or pineapple

Throw it all in the blender and turn it on, simple and tasty.


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green smoothie avacado soup

Creamy Raw Avocado Soup

2 carrots cut up

One half of a cucumber cut in pieces

4 pieces of cut up celery

1 cup water

1 avocado

1 fourth teaspoon sea salt

Blend water, carrots, cucumber and celery in high powered blender on high till liquid. Now put blender on low speed and add the avocado and sea salt. Blend just long enough for soup to become creamy. This is a delicious and creamy soup that reminds me of a rich fattening potato soup with all of the flavor and none of the guilt. Great for when you want fast food that is healthy.

Tropical green smoothie

Tropical Green Smoothie

1 cup water

1 banana

1 cup frozen pineapple

4 to 8 romaine lettuce leaves

Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend till completely liquid. Feel free to add more fruit if you need it sweeter.

Green Smoothies are the ultimate fast food. The rush of chlorophyll and nutrients will leave you energized and revitalized. You will also notice your junk food craving and appetite decrease.