We have a large selection of guided Meditation Audios guaranteed to get you relaxed and creating with the Power of your Imagination. Einstein and Neville Goddard both stated that our Imagination is the Creative Force and will get us what we want. All Together Publishings Audios add this knowing with some of the best background music around. Solfeggio frequencies which are powerful relaxers are also included.  Composers Like Christopher Lloyd Clarke and J.S. Epperson bring an Angelic tone to all the audios. Welcome to your Power.

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Each book is a piece in a series of Angelic Upgrade books that fill you with Divine Angelic codes. Angelic laws are based on love and light and thus, operate on free-will, so we must call and ask the Archangels for help.                         

This series of books takes on a life of its own as the Archangels move and play from book to book, making it easy to incorporate these practices and mindsets. Many of the Archangel books also carry and infuse the Violet Flame and Divine Connection to Mother Earth for a transformational experience.

Each book has a meditation audio available for your listening pleasure at here. The book and the audio have similar wording, but according to the Angels, they Upgrade us differently. Each medium has a unique experience, energetically Upgrading us in distinct ways. Each time you read or hear an Archangel Upgrade,  a new dimension is added or adjusted for your benefit. Become interactive with your book; when inspired, read the words aloud, and let them roll over you, feeling the love and magic that the Angels enlist to infuse you. You may want to create a sacred space when working with your Archangel books and audios, setting clear intentions for what you would like in your life. It is truly a Divinely Intelligent multidimensional sensory experience. Listen to your Angels and create your own rituals; there is no right or wrong way. As you play with the rock stars of the Celestial realm, you can expect your life to become more heavenly, more peaceful. You may Notice Many Words are Uniquely Capitalized throughout this series; this is yet another way the Angels infuse you. When you see this try to feel that word or phrase; sensing the depth of its Intensity of Pure Divine Light throughout your Being. The Archangels never cease to amaze me with their Divine Intelligence and Timing. The Archangel Energy is neither male nor female. This gender fluidity is made clear in this series by the use of she/he speak to convey a non-gender energy that shifts roles to serve to uplift and nurture you. The upgrades happen in Divine Time, and there is no schedule. There is no competition. There is no rush. Wherever you are in the process is perfect.

Both Neville Goddard and Albert Einstein stated that our imagination is the creative force. Goddard went so far as to imply that our imagination is the Goddess-God Energy. I mention this to you because as you read these words with much more than your eyes, let your imagination run wild with vivid pictures of the love the magical Archangels have for you and your adventures together. Enjoy.

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