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Welcome  to a deeply relaxing creation experience. Switchwords were created by James Mangan in the 1960s. James brought us these words so that we could have the perfect life. They are Powerful Charges to turn on the Subconscious Mind like a LightSwitch. Kim's audios and books are filled with these Magical Words of Creation because they Work! 3 Transformations Audios Channeled in. Radiating Divine Love features Switchwords for Abundance and Self Empowerment and is filled with Solfeggio Frequencies. Regeneration Meditations is filled with Switchwords to make you Youthful, filled with Vitality and is surrounded with Solfeggio Frequencies. Love Charm is filled with Switchwords to Make you Magnetic to the Love You Desire and is also Charmed with Solfeggio Frequencies for an added Boost. 

Switchword Meditations  W/Solfeggio Frequencies