The Archangels Channeled in at this Pivotal time to help us Heal and Clear our emotions in order to experience a more blessed and Happy Life. We have an All*Star ensemble of Archangels here to help Create Miracles. If you would like to own your Archangels they are Available Here for Purchase.
-We have Archangel Michael for Protection and to Cut Cords.

-Archangel Raphael is here for Health and Abundance.  

-Haniel is the blessed Archangel of Love and Magic and Heals our Whole Ancestral line of fears surrounding Relationships. 

-Archangel Metatron helps Our Well*Being through Sacred Geometry and Light Grids. 

-Archangel Camael Steps in when we need a big dose of Courage to move forward in our lives with more ease. 

-Archangel Raziel is the Divine Angel of Wisdom and helps us plant seeds in his/her audio for an Amazing life.

- Archangel Jophiel shows Us how to Glow with Beauty by Letting Go of judging ourselves and others. 

-Archangel Zadkiel is the Angel of the Violet Flame and Helps Us to Ignite Our Lives with the Healing Power of Forgiveness. There is a surprise visit from the Violet Flame Dragons in Zadkiels audio as well.

- Archangel Gabriel is the Gorgeous Angel of Hope. If We have Hope We will make it.

-The Sun Angels Come in to make infuse our lives with Power to Charge Our Lives and help us Create Our Kingdom.

-The Moon Angels Help Us to Create Magnetism through the gift of Neutrality. The Moon Angel Audio is also geared to Clear Depression and remind us "all emotions are Welcome" and will shift in due time. 

-Archangel Sandalphon is the Archangel who takes Our Prayers to the God*dess Force and helps to bring Harmony to our lives by showing us how to sing to our angels to get their attention. Sandalphon also helps Us Connect strongly to Mother Earth and her Infinite Abundance.

 All the Archangels Come Together and Create In The Violet Flame Audio for a New and Improved Life. It is said by Elizabeth Clair Prophet that if we Practice the Violet Flame for Six Months we will not recognize our lives as it becomes so much better. 

-Archangel Orion came in about 4 months before their audio was made to introduce themselves and offer help in handling all the inner changes humans are experiencing now with moving into our lighbodies and moving to higher dimensions. Orions audio is filled with 5 of the 72 words of the God/dess energy. These ancient words create miracles. 

Feel Free to check all the Archangel audios and books out here  and Expect Miracles! Humans can not compare to the Heavenly Help these Celestial Beings Offer Us. When I discovered how to call and work with them, things got so much better. This is accessible to anyone who is ready. As you Remember to connect you will see Magic in your life.
Divinely Inspired Background Music by 
Christopher Lloyd Clarke 

Archangelology If You Call Them They Will Come

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