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  Cultivating Energy Intelligence is A Great Start To Feeling Good  

Guided Energetic Alignment brought to you in a relaxing format and filled with Solfeggio frequencies, Sacred Geometry, Sound Healing where learning is fun!

Enjoy the samples below to feel your energy Refreshed. Learn Grounding, energy techniques you can take with you everywhere you go. Full Audios Available Here 

Energetic Healing Downloads that target key areas for Clearing Negative Emotions such as fear and anxiety. 
​Then Grounding, Gridding and Strengthening Energy is infused and layered throughout the audios. These Audios are Filled with Solfeggio Frequencies from J.S. Epperson.

Dragon Sun Grounding Meditations reminds us of the vast benefits of Grounding and walks us through the process with ease.

Enchanted Earth Sacred Geometry Meditations are filled with Sacred Geometry, Color healing with Dolphin energies.

Sweet Moon Sleep Meditation is filled with healing golden Grids for energetic support and deep fulfilling sleep. This was inspired by the affect stress has on our ability to sleep. When we can get peaceful healing sleep, healing has a better chance. Sweet Moon Sleep is a Personal favorite as it addresses the nighttime anxiety that happens at times. Play this before falling asleep for deep refreshing rest.

All the meditations may be used anytime you want to re-booted your system or just need a mental holiday.