The Magnificent Moon Angels serve to help you attract on new magnetic levels by allowing you to become more neutral. The Moon Angels have gorgeous guests to help put this activation into place. Archangels Jophiel and Gabriel escort you through a beautiful forest where you encounter the legendary Merlin to spark your magic. The Moon Angels journey is full of the healing Violet Flame that transmutes negative emotions into love and light. Archangel Zadkiel guest stars to work on clearing victim mentality, guilt, and shame by using the Violet Flame. Gorgeous mermaids will also join you who infuse you with magnetic youthful energies. Archangels Jophiel and Gabriel infuse your Sacral Chakra with confidence and the ability to stay neutral more often. Developing these practices will enhance your abilities to create and attract more of what you desire. 
Merlin lets you know that feelings of shame are now being cleared. Just relax as they transfer out of you. We may have done things on other timelines that we feel guilty about, that there is shame around. We do not judge any of this, but rather, we simply become aware and allow the Angels and Violet Flame to heal us. We do not attach ourselves to these emotions; we simply let them leave and have faith that everything is in Divine Order. Allowing this transfer of energy to take place will help shift your consciousness and make you a magnet for confidence, peace, and prosperity in new refreshed ways. Spending time with Archangels creates a heavenly life. The information I have put together is meant to work for your individualized wants and needs. It is not a prescribed set of general steps or rules, but rather it aims to help you in your particular journey and give you what you need to begin or grow in a mindset. You may read a sentence, a paragraph, or the whole book. It's just whatever you feel you need to embark on this Celestial journey to a more abundant life. There is no right or wrong way to use this tool. All these Divinely Intelligent Angelic Upgrades happen with grace and ease at the individual's comfortable pace. The only thing I recommend you keep in the forefront of your practice is to ensure you are enjoying the process. Meet these Magical Angels in the Archangelology Book and Audio Series that is here to help you at this time. If you call the Moon Angels, they will come, just as all of the Archangels will come to your assistance when beckoned.

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Meditating with Angels creates Miracles!

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Meet The Moon Angels.
Why Would You Call on The Moon Angels?
1. You Want More Magnetism.
2. You want to learn the power of Neutrality.
3. You Want A Mood Lift.