Meet  Archangel Haniel.
Why Would You Call on Haniel?
1. You want to create better Relationships
2. You want to find amazing love.
3. You want to love yourself More.

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Invoke The Violet Flamewith The Archangels
When Would You Call On The Violet Flame?
1. You Want An Incredible Life.
2. In Need Of Clearing Negative Emotions.
3. You Want To Heal Things That Feel Impossible.

Meet Archangel Jophiel
When Would You Call Jophiel?
1. You Want to Invoke The Huge Power of Non judgement.
2. You want to Glow and Radiate with Attractiveness.
3. You Want To Attract People.

Meet Archangel Zadkiel.
When Would You Call On Zadkiel?
1. You are Seeking Forgiveness.
2. You want to practice and give Forgiveness.
3. You Want Amazing Relationships.

Energetic Healing downloads set to Solfeggio Frequency background music. Relax, renew and create healthy boundaries in this 3 part Series today.

Archangel Michael, Angel Messages

Meet The Sun Angels.
Why Would You Call The Sun Angels?
1. Power for anything You Want To Enhance
2. Focus 
3. Energy to Charge Your Projects.

Meet Archangel Raphael.
When Would You Call On Raphael?
1. You are wanting more Abundance.
2. You are wanting well-being.
3. You are Wanting to Manifest Amazing things.

MeetArchangel Raziel.
Why would You Call Raziel.
1.Wisdom for Money, Health 
2. Planting Seeds for an Amazing Life
3. See The Way To Go For Desired Results.

Switchword Meditations with Solfeggio Frequencies as background music for a relaxing, manifestation experience. Discover the power of James Mangans Switchwords today.

MeetArchangel Gabriel.
When Would You Call Gabriel?
1. You Need Hope.
2. You want Creativity.
3. You Want To Anchor Blessings In Your Home.

Book Series and Matching Meditation Audios 


Meet The Moon Angels.
Why Would You Call on The Moon Angels?
1. You Want More Magnetism.
2. You want to learn the power of Neutrality.
3. You Want A Mood Lift.

The first Activate Your Abundance Audio Choice has longer meditations. The 2nd choice has 5 minute choices of the same words that can be repeated or mixed up. Both great to go with your Activate Your Abundance Book.

Meet Archangel Orion.
When Would You Call Orion?
1. You Need Help dealing with Negative Emotional Clearings.
2. You Want Help with All the Changes Humans are Experiencing on the Inside now.
3. You Want Some Powerful Alignment Techniques.

Meet Archangel Uriel
Why Would You Call Uriel?
1. You Crave More Peace.
2. You Want To Take Peace With You Everywhere You Go.
3. Create Energetic Boundaries.

Please note click on your your first choice for book and the audio download is beside it. 

Meet Archangel Metatron.
When Would You Call Metatron?
1. You Want More Well-Being.
2. You Want to Work With Healing Sacred Geometry.
3. You Want More Power.

Meet Archangel Sandalphon,
Why would You Call Sandalphon?
1. You Want More Harmony.
2. You Want Your Prayers Answered.
3.You Want Stronger Connection To God/dess Energies.

Archangel Raphael, Angel Messages

Enjoy a delightful journey focused on mind -body connection for discovering the benefits of making healthier choices. The entire 2nd half of this book is dedicated to the benefits of choosing joy in our lives.

Paperback or Digital Download options available.

Meet Archangel Camael.
Why Would You Call Camael?
1. You Want Courage.
2. Facing Big Challenges and you want backup and support. 
3. You Want Balanced Energy.

Meet Archangel Michael
Why Call On Michael?
1. Protection
2. They Cut Cords from Anything that no longer Serves You
3. Creating Energetic Boundaries.